About Us

We will go on an adventure… We took a break from office life, bought a car, set our apartment up for rent and will travel for a couple of months!
We both work in the oil industry in Copenhagen as geologists, but unfortunately times are really challenging these days in the industry. Therefore we decided to use this opportunity to go travelling for some months. We are both a bit stubborn and ambitious and therefore we decided we want to make an overlanding trip in South America, in our own car!
But we didn’t own a car… yet.
Quickly we decided that we wanted to do this in a Land Rover Defender. We both adore this iconic machine and thought that should be perfect for our trip. We do realise there are not a lot of Land Rovers in South America (stubborn..) so hope our Defender will not break down as much as they say they do. But hey, all part of the adventure!
We decided to go on a quick shakedown trip to Spain in October to make sure we get to know our Defender, as well as our rooftop tent that will be our home for some months. If all goes well, the Defender will embark on his journey to South America in November. Just in time for summer in the Southern hemisphere!